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Jacob’s Birthday Bow…

February 22nd, 2008

Jacob's BowI started off thinking that I would do a two purpose post, telling you all about Jacob’s bow, and his reaction along with a product review of the Matthews Genesis Mini Bow, but decided I would do that in two separate posts. It is just too difficult to write up a good review and interject such personal information in with it. So, here is a look at Jacob’s birthday party, and the bow that he received as a gift from his mom and me. You can click on any of the pictures to see larger versions of them!

Jacob has been learning to read, and is doing very well with it. So, I printed a picture of his bow, with the arrows, quiver and finger guard, along with the following text: “Jacob, if you can read this, you can have this.” He had no problems reading the caption, and then, without any surprise at all, he simply said, “Well, where is it?” He was very happy to get the bow, however it was extremely rivaled by the plastic toy horse that his sister gave him, and some monster trucks that some friends gave him!

Jacob's BowSo far, we have not had the opportunity to get out and shoot. The weather has been terrible since his birthday, with a lot of rain, snow, sleet and ice. We are hoping to get him out very soon so that he can try it out. I have to make sure that the bow is cranked down to the lowest level so that he will be able to pull it back and shoot it. We don’t have any room at our house to shoot, since we live in the middle of town. However, I am hoping to take him over to a nearby park that has lots of room, and some safe places to set up a target for him against a flood wall. We may also go to a friend’s house, where there is plenty of room to get out and shoot. I am hoping that we will be able to join an archery club by this summer, so that we will be able to get out and do some 3D shooting. My wife has a bow that she has not used since Jacob was born, but I think we may even be able to get her out there with us! Archery can be such a great family sport, and I hope to make it something that we all can do together for years to come!

Hopefully, I will be able to get that post on a review for this bow done soon.  It really is such a great bow for young folks who are just starting out.  They had nothing like this for us when we were growing up!  We got into archery about as soon as we could, but I know I was much older than Jacob is!  I will leave you with one more picture from Jacob’s party.  This one came right after he unwrapped the bow, and I think you can certainly see the excitement in his face!  Thanks again to everyone who wished Jacob a happy birthday!

Jacob's Bow

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  1. Looks like a nice bow – we’re enjoying our little one right now, but I know my husband is anxious for her to be ready for things like that! I hear you on the weather – hunting season is over so winter should be too, right?

  2. That it is. Such a family sport, my sisters and I all did archery. I still have my bow but am afraid to draw it back that it will snap… the strings are pretty old.

    I think you should post pictures of him shooting 🙂

  3. If the weather ever breaks where we can get out to shoot, I will post some pictures…until then, you can see a picture of him shooting a similar bow by reading the post about the WV outdoor show…

  4. That is too cute! I am sure he was so excited and will be even more excited when he gets a chance to use it for the first time.

  5. As he shoots his bow, I am sure the other toys will no longer rival it. He must be sure to bring it to Alabama on the next trip. He must show off his skills to his many adoring fans down here!;) He looks so cute in his Spiderman outfit! I am glad he had such a great birthday!

  6. I meant to mention that his camo spidey outfit was from his aunt crystal!

  7. Very cool pictures and it’s good to see the excitment in his face. Looking forward to the posts that finally show him shooting it. Hopefully the weather clears up so that can happen.

  8. Great pictures. I look forward to reading about how he does with the bow, especiall since I have three young sons and might consider buying this product if you like it.

  9. Great pictures. I look forward to reading about how he does with the bow, especially since I have three young sons and might consider buying this product if you like it.

  10. Oops! Sorry about the twice posted comment.

  11. The pictures really say it all… It is wonderful to see a young man who is getting such a great start in enjoying the outdoors!
    My wife and I have been talking about getting her a bow so that we could shoot too. And with the kids bows they have now, I definitely see us shooting as a family soon.
    I look forward now to the review.

  12. Very cool pictures. He looks very happy with his new bow. I can’t wait to see some pictures of him trying it out.

  13. […] while back, I wrote a post about Jacob’s birthday, and the bow that we got for him. I also wrote a post reviewing the Matthews Genesis Mini Bow, so if you haven’t had a chance […]

  14. I love how excited he looks with the bow. It should good to see some comments from him, and his experience with the bow. Fun!!

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