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Near Disaster in the Rabbitry!

February 13th, 2009

Several months ago, I wrote about entering into a new venture with Jacob, my son.  We decided that we were going to try and raise rabbits, both for fun and for putting some extra meat in the freezer.  We built the racks for cages, and got all of our necessities together, and then bought 5 rabbits (2 bucks and 3 does).  Our first effort at breeding a doe did not take, but our second attempt has been successful.  We now have our first litter of bunnies.

This doe is actually my daughter’s.  She was feeling left out, so I went back to where we bought our first 3 rabbits, and purchased two more.  This rabbit is a colored rabbit, rather than one of the purebred New Zealands, or Californians.  I bred her to our New Zealand buck.  It is evident that these bunnies will have some good coloring, just like their mother.  I am looking forward to seeing how this goes over the next few weeks.  We have another doe bred, which should be kindling in March.  We are trying to spread it out a bit here at the beginning, as we don’t have the facilities to house several litters at the same time to feed them out to maturity.

Here is a picture of Fluffy, and her litter of 8.  You can’t really see how many are in there, but maybe you can make out the little guys…

Fluffys First Litter Kindled

Fluffy's First Litter Kindled

Now to the near disaster…

Some of you here in the east may have experienced the terrible storms that came through a couple of days ago.  Well, we have the rabbits in a “portable garage”, which is a steel frame covered with tarps.  Early in the day, I looked outside during the wind storm (before the rain came) and saw that the rabbit shed had blown over!  It had knocked over the two bucks, but fortunately they were not injured.  The shed itself sustained some pretty significant damage, with one of the poles breaking nearly in half.  We were able to get everything set back up, and I went to the hardware store to find some solution for keeping the shed fastened down.  I ended up having to chain the frame of the shed to the fence, and then chain several concrete blocks to the frame to try and hold it down.  The winds got so bad during the storm later in the evening that they actually lifted the shed, concrete bloks and all, up in the air.  Fortunately, my makeshift anchoring system kept the shed from turning over once again, so the rabbits were kept safe through the night.  Becasue the shed was still blowing around quite a bit, the tarp on one side hit the racks inside and cut a pretty good hole.  I am not sure exactly how much longer this will last me.  I am afraid that I am going to have to build a more permanent shed to house the poor rabbits, so that they don’t have to be so stressed during the storms.

Fluffy was actually due the same day as the storm, so we were glad that she held off until today to make sure the weather didn’t harm the babies.  The wind and rain certainly could have caused much more damage, so we are glad we didn’t lose any of our animals!

2 Responses to “Near Disaster in the Rabbitry!”

  1. Sounds like a fun, learning process for the kids. I’m sure they will love to see those little babies grow.

  2. I’m glad to hear that all the animals are all right. The weather, and wind we had, was just nasty. And more power to you on the whole raising rabbits thing. It sounds interesting to me, but something I don’t think I could do myself:)

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