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Product Review: SpiderWire XXX Super Mono

April 25th, 2008

A few days ago, I wrote a post about my first fishing trip of the year on the Williams River in the mountains of West Virginia. Overall, it was a very good day, and we enjoyed ourselves. However, I did try a new product that day, which turned out to be a disappointment. I have done a few reviews on this site, and I think all of them have been positive. I guess there is a first time for everything!

Every year at the beginning of the season, I replace the old fishing line on my poles with new line. I am always looking for strong, fine line that is smooth and easy to use. I have tried several, some with good results, some with not so good results. This year’s experiment was of the latter experience.

I chose the new SpiderWire XXX (using that name will get my blog blocked by some filters!) Super Mono in 4 pound test. My first indicator that I wasn’t going to be extremely pleased with this line was when I got finished putting it on the reels. The line seemed a little stiff, and would jump over the reel, making it difficult to keep it from getting tangled right off the bat. I thought I may have just over filled the reels, so I didn’t worry too much about it.

However, when we hit the water, i found there were several other problems with this line. I found out very quickly that the line was not very smooth, as most of the time when I would tie knots, I could not get them to tighten down properly. It was as if there were knicks in the line, which kept it from getting tight on the hook. Several times during the day, while tying on hooks, the line simply broke off instead of drawing down tight. There were a couple of times during the day that I broke off fish at the hook, which indicates a weakness in the line. Some may think that perhaps I just didn’t know what I was doing tying on these hooks, but I have used tons of line, and been fishing hundreds of times…I think I know what I am doing. For reference, I was trying to use an improved clinch knot to tie on hooks.

Also, in my previous post, I told you about taking my friend Chad fishing for the first time. He had a lot of trouble with the line. It did keep jumping over the reel, as if it were too stiff. Being inexperienced, he didn’t know what to watch for, and ended up with several real messes. A couple of times, the line jumped the reel, and got tangled in the gears behind the reel. Granted that the broader problem was a result of his inexperience, but the line jumping the reel, especially when it had begun to run down after the first several tangles.

My take on this line is that I will not ever be using it again. I was tired of fighting with the line by the end of the day. i will be removing what is left of the line, and putting something else on my reels. If you all have used this line, and had better experiences, let me know. I may have just gotten a bad box. I did write a note to SpiderWire on their website. We will see if I get any kind of response.

5 Responses to “Product Review: SpiderWire XXX Super Mono”

  1. We don’t like SpiderWire either – I forget what my husband buys, but I know it isn’t that – one ruined fishing trip was enough.

  2. I honestly can’t say that I’ve ever used it. I tend to stick to good ole time tested Trilene. It stinks though that it caused headaches for you guys when you were fishing.

  3. Lol. I almost purchased Spiderwire the other day but then decided to stick with what I know and like which is Stern fishing line. Reading your report I am glad I did.


  4. Cecil O'Flaheerty Says:
    August 18th, 2008 at 7:27 pm

    This line is the crappiest line that I ever tried. Broke off three times today with nice size bass attached. Broke like string. Am going to go to the dealer tomorrow and demand a refund..

  5. Chris Kieffer Says:
    March 25th, 2009 at 11:41 pm

    Very odd to hear these complaints as I believe it to be the best mono I have used in 50 years of fishing. I used to use various Stren and Trilene lines, and vastly prefer the SpiderWire XXX Mono to either one. I use mainly 10 & 12 lb on Daiwa spinning reels and older hot rodded Ambassadeur 5500C baitcasters. I have no problems with knots or the line breaking. Likewise, I have no problems with the line jumping off the reels. I can identify with nicked line and have run into it several times over the years, but that can happen to any line. The XXX was the only thing available on a trip emergency about 5 years ago and I have used it ever since.

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